Sustainable development

Natura 2000

The setting up of sustainable development includes maintaining the biological diversity needed for man's equilibrium.

From this viewpoint, the European Union has decided to create a network formed by zones in which Member States undertake to ensure the maintenance in a favourable state of preservation of the types of habitats and species concerned. With this aim in view, they can use statutory, administrative or contractual measures.


Forest owners, foresters, chamber of agriculture, federation of hunters, farmers, heritage academy…

For Cormery it involves the Natura 2000 site of Champeigne (special "birds" protection Zone). The birds concerned because threatened are bustards, the stonecurlew, the Montagu's harrier, the Saint-Martin busard, the short-eared owl, partridges, common quail, passeriformes…

 President of the steering committee

Mr Pierre Louault (CCLD)


    maintaining or improving the state of preservation of bird populations of community interest and their habitats
    economical and social: maintaining and developing management farming of environments favourable to biodiversity
    tourist: information and awareness and limiting inconveniences to birds generated by frequentation
    linked to electric or road transport: limiting impact and inconvenience to birds generated by transport infrastructures.

[ date de publication : 03/11/2008 ]