Sustainable development

Agenda 21

In 1992 during the Rio Earth Summit 173 countries adopted an action programme for the 21st century. It involves the Agenda 21 whose 40 chapters describe the sectors where sustainable development must be applied and formulates recommendations. In the context of chapter 28, communities are invited to set up local Agenda 21 in relation to the scale of their district by heavily involving all local players (inhabitants, associations and companies).
On the 18th June 2008 the Committee 21 thus drew up a Press Kit to accompany local communities in making their Agenda 21 a success. On this date, the number of Agenda 21 in France rose to nearly 300: 18 regions, 32 departments, 89 intermunicipalities, 156 communes. The Centre Region adopted its Agenda 21 in March 2006, then a community of urban areas and 3 communes undertook an Agenda 21 approach; Cormery is thus involved in this approach.

A local Agenda 21 is both a process and an operational document; it is built from a diagnosis of the district taking into account the data that characterises it as well as the perceptions and expectations of its inhabitants. The crossed analyse of 2 types of information allows the global project to be defined for the future, a project that is divided up into priority initiatives. For each initiative, the objectives, the implementation means and the evaluation details are set out.

Agenda 21 local enlists the players of a district to project themselves into the future, to identify the challenges and define the major progress direction in the following 5 areas:
Fight against climate change
Reducing energy consumption by building new buildings that integrate new ecotechnologies (our future canteen). Favouring the reduction of greenhouse gases by offering alternatives to the use of cars on short journeys by setting up a walking bus and bike stands.

Protecting Biodiversity, environments and resources
Protecting our green heritage by a coherent management of the banks of the Indre River and the creation of an Espace Naturel Sensible (Sensitive natural area). Use of renewable and non-polluting resources as soon as conditions allow it (wood burner, natural insulation…)
Social cohesion and solidarity between territories and generations
Facilitating Internet access for all the people of Cormery by setting up access in the Town Hall. Encouraging the bringing together of generations by organising encounters between young people and the elderly…
Supporting social and environmental economy
Allowing the development of local industry. For example the wood industry by using it for heating community infrastructures.
Cooperating and being in solidarity with countries abroad
International Macaroon Festival
Today the Centre region is launching a request to help set up an Agenda 21 by financing an appraisal mission beforehand. This appraisal measure will:
    Identify our community's practises
    Define our needs regarding these practices
    Define a method of organisation needed for such an approach
    Draw up, if necessary, adapted specifications to enlist a consultation from specialised design offices.
To respond to this request (before the 30th November 2008), The Town Council voted to appeal to the Centre Region to accompany us in this approach during the council meeting the 22nd September 2008.

 La ville de Cormery retenue par la région Centre suite à l’appel à projet

Une expertise préalable à la mise en place de l'Agenda 21 de Cormery a donc débuté. Le 19 mai une personne du bureau d’étude missionné par la Région Centre est venue rencontrer le personnel communal et les élus. Ces entretiens permettent de collecter des informations sur les méthodes et idées de la commune afin de lister les bonnes pratiques et les marges de progrès. Ce pré-diagnostic permettra ensuite de mieux appréhender l’élaboration de l'Agenda 21 de Cormery.
Une réunion de restitution locale au cours de laquelle les cormeriens pourront venir s’informer et échanger à propos de cette démarche sera organisée prochainement.

[ date de publication : 19/11/2009 ]

 Restitution Agenda 21 - Cormery